Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Make Money With Affiliate

Getting Started

It's easy to get started, you just need to know your products and services inside out, and of course you do, or you would not be in affiliate marketing. Nothing takes the place of your knowledge and how you present yourself. You'll need to have resources on hand in addition to what you know, things like – online resources, ads, articles, newsletters books etc.

Next sort out the benefits from the features of your products / business /service. What does the product do for the prospect who needs it?What do they get or gain from buying it? What is prospect who needs it? What do they get unique selling point of your product/business/service (and this applies to prospective customers and to prospective recruits.) A benefit is the specific outcome of a feature. A feature is something the product already has. The benefits are what motivate people.Before you start writing, you need to ask yourself some questions. For instance, how am I going to market this product/service? (Actually make a list of all the methods you want to use from the Internet to print advertising and read them frequently.)

Will you need other information to go along with your letter?
What do you need?
Who is your competition?
How are they marketing their product?
How much money do you want to spend on advertising?
Are you marketing goals/hopes realistic?
Who is actually your buyer?
Why would they want to buy what you have to offer? The most common
why is fear of missing out on something. Does your offer appeal to their
emotional needs?

The Tools To Start Marketing

What tools do you need? Instant messengers – doesn’t matter which one or two you choose – just make sure they're a major part of your marketing strategy. E-mail is critical. A well-written e-mail can work wonders in
person-to-person prospecting. Use phone marketing even if you don’t fancy it all that much. One quick call from a team member inviting them to a training session says lots about your commitment and leadership
qualities. So long as you use relationship marketing properly, it will guarantee you enroll loyal team members, and keep them.
 They will then duplicate your efforts. Article marketing is smart marketing. YOU provide articles you've written to other Web sites, blogs and eZines for free. This sets you up as an expert, gives you leads, increased site traffic to your web site (if you don't have one of your own, chances are the company you are an affiliate for will have one) and improved search engine rankings.
Blogging and SEO (search engine optimization) are two other tools. Blogging provides an arena to combine text, images, links to other blogs, and web pages. About what? About your business or product/service. You can post updates on what you are doing, what new additions there have been to your product/services, any specials/sales and even product photos.

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